Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stella and Jed return

A couple weeks ago a Garter snake cruised through the pond, looking for a meal, even though I chased it away, I never knew if it came back. Following that incident, the toads were not seen except once at night, for this long period of time. Also, many of the  mosquito fish and pollywogs disappeared. Some of the pollywogs no doubt grew up and left the pond, as there are baby Chorus frogs all about.  There was also a water bug called a "boatman" in the pond that dives down and flies, this insect kills fish and small pond life.
I had put more baby fish from another little pond in and cleaned the water.  So this morning Stella and Zed were lounging in the pond. Such a great sight to see them! Certainly made my day!

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