Friday, June 24, 2011

Habitat is made and toads are coming!

It is very rewarding to have two Western Toads that have shown up at the pond I made this Spring, I have not seen a toad around for 4 years.  This experience, of making a habitat, waiting & having toads appear, has repeated itself several times for me, in the various places I have lived.  Each time it happens, that a toad comes on its own, I am slightly awed and amazed! So make a place and they will come!  They are now living around the pond, there are a lot of houses about and I do not know if they are in them or just in the rocks. This also shows that toads, even though they are home bodies and tend to stay at the same place, will relocate for a better habitat the fills their required needs of having a water source.  I have a lot of small solar lights, which I think attract the bugs at night, making an easy feast for the toads!   I have heard many stories of the toads sitting in a circle at night under the bug zappers people would hang out to get mosquitoes and I joke about it being McDonald's for the toads!  The other story I hear a lot is the one about the toad coming and soaking in the dog water dish and then leaving. This would happen if there were no other sources for the toads to sit and soak up water, since they do not drink through there mouths.
Please try making a toad pond, the birds also love them.

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